Canada, the second-largest country in the world by its total area, racks up for astonishing diverse landscapes from the vast Prairies sprawling to the glacier-topped Rocky Mountains and miles of pristine coastlines that overlook immense forests and emerald lakes.

The Arctic waters and the cosmopolitan cites accommodate indigenous settlements and businesses for corporate travelers, adrenaline junkies, and nature enthusiasts.

However, before traveling or transiting to Europe via Canada, you should be aware of the travel requirements in the country.

In March 2016, the Canadian government abolished the old VISA system introducing an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign citizens departing to and from Canada.

This means that foreign travelers visiting or transiting through the country and do not require a visa will apply for the eTA.

Travelers with Canadian Visas, permanent residence, and citizenship do not need the eTA to enter Canada.

Before booking your flight to Canada, you are required to apply for the entry pass to avoid delays and cancellation of your flight. online platform offers you all the assistance you require during the administrative application process of your travel to or through Canada.

In addition, this platform allows you to determine your eligibility for the eTA since foreign nationals seeking to enter and remain in Canada under certain circumstances, including diplomatic reasons, need not apply for the entry authorization.

The application for the eTA should be made online four days prior to your departure.

Dual citizens with Canadian citizenship and entering the country by air will be required to travel with their Canadian passports or apply for an eTA if using a different passport.

Upon payment of the $7 CAD, the immigration department will review your application and respond via email not later than 72 hours upon making the request.

Since the eTA is an electronic document, it is attached to your passport number and grants you the authority to travel to Canada for five years as long as the passport is valid.

Once your entry authorization expires or any of your information changes, be sure to update the eTA immediately to avoid being declared inadmissible to Canada.