Kuching may not be known for shopping, but it is slowly growing into a shopping haven for many.  There’s plenty of huge malls which house major brands, and there’s also a variety of hypermarkets and small community malls dotted around Kuching.

For those seeking something unique, wet markets are popular among both locals and tourist.  These places offer traditional crafts and jungle produce with some not found anywhere in the world.

Not only are prices of items in Kuching competitive, they are also sometimes unique to Kuching.

As a local, I’ve listed a clear and good shopping guides for visitors to Kuching here, so that readers can immediately head to popular shopping spots which are preferred by locals.


Green Heights Shopping Mall Kuching

Green Heights Mall Kuching prides itself for being 'a neighborhood small mall', serving those around Green Heights in Kuching. Opened in 2008, the three storey mall includes one basement parking...

Swan Mall Matang

Introduction Swan Mall is an exciting 3-storey mall located in Matang Jaya's new Hub@Matang commercial area. The mall will be covering an area of 210,000 sq feet, and is slated...

@iman Mall, Kota Samarahan

Samarahan is fast growing into a major residential area and this has spurned the opening of new commercial areas after the opening of Summer Mall. The latest mall slated to...

India Street covered roof design revealed

The design of the keenly awaited roofing over the India Street Pedestrian Mall here has been unveiled, and it looks like a rainforest canopy made of steel and glass. Computer-generated...
The area where the Satok Sunday Market is housed

Satok Weekend Market

I stay not far from the Satok weekend Market in Kubah, Petra Jaya, but I seldom go the market as they are several other smaller markets nearby. However, the Satok...

Everise 4th Mile

Everise 4th Mile is a small 2-storey hypermarket located 4th Mile Kuching. The building is purposed built by Everise to cater for their growing presence in Kuching. The hypermarket is popular...

Everise BDC

Everise BDC is a small 3-storey mall located in a building which previously housed Crystal Cineplex. The building itself is called Crystal Cineplex but the cineplex had closed down years...
Serikin Market Bau

Serikin Market, Bau

Serikin Market is located at the border of Sarawak and Indonesia. It is popular among West Malaysians coming to Sarawak as the border market has a wide variety of native handicrafts,...

Boulevard Shopping Mall Kuching

Boulevard Shopping Mall-Kuching (BSM), is strategically located just 5 minutes from Kuching International Airport and has a consumer catchment areas of over 230,000 population consisting of middle to high...
Kozi Square LD Legenda Kuching

Kozi Square LD LEGENDA Kuching

The 10 storey Kozi Square LD Legenda is a lifestyle shopping centre the heart of Kuching city with outstanding design & unique features. It is one of the few malls...
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