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Kuching Food Stories

Kuching Food is about food you can find in Kuching. We review eateries, and recommend places you should go to get the best cuisine in Kuching, Borneo.

tHe Spring's Oktoberfest

tHe Spring’s Oktoberfest – It’s not to be missed

I happen to stumble upon tHe Spring's Oktoberfest today. Apparently, it's the first day of the 10 day Oktoberfest. Here's the thing. The Spring has been organizing Oktoberfest for 3...

Should you drink beer during Gawai Dayak?

Should you drink beer during Gawai Dayak? A more general question would be "Should you drink any form of alcoholic drinks during the biggest Dayak festive season?" It really depends, but...

A trip to Medan Niaga Satok Ramadan Bazaar Kuching

Medan Niaga Satok Ramadan Bazaar is one of the many Ramadan bazaars dotting Kuching during the holy month of Ramadan. To be honest, I always favored the month of Ramadan because...
UCSI Hotel Ramadan Buffet 2019

UCSI Hotel Ramadan Buffet 2019 – Buka puasa with Kuching’s sunset

The month of Ramadan is coming soon and the UCSI Hotel Ramadan Buffet 2019 is the first of such buffet I get to try this time around.  Such buffets...

Kuching Ramadan Buffets: A guide to Ramadan buffets options in Kuching (2019 Update)

One of the best things about the holy month of Ramadan is the availability of all you can eat Kuching Ramadan Buffets. As you may know, selecting the perfect Kuching...
Original Macam2 Ada Ramadhan Buffet Dinner

Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching Ramadhan Buffet

The Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching Ramadhan Buffet is one of most established in town. With not less than 100 different kinds local and international food, it is a huge for...
Cats Pyjamas Burger Bar

Cats Pyjamas Burger Bar: Home made burger done right

When it comes to burgers, Cats Pyjamas Burger Bar is one of the popular ones in Kuching City. It doesn't server pork burgers which is a bummer, but it is delicious...
Muara Tebas Seafood

Muara Tebas Seafood – The Crab Heaven

Muara Tebas Seafood is a very popular, but far away seafood restaurant in Kuching. You see, when it comes to seafood, Kuching is indeed under-estimated as a seafood heaven because...
Tree Top Outside

The Tree Top Cafe: A hidden paradise in Kuching City Center

The Tree Top Cafe offers something unique for those staying in Kuching. With Kuching City changing at rapid pace in recent years, it is indeed hard to believe that there's...
Nasi Lemak Twin Turbo

I finally found the best Nasi Lemak in Kuching

Nasi lemak is like a traditional breakfast dish for Malaysians. Ever since I came back to Kuching from my four years studying in West Malaysia, I've been seeking a...
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