Best places to get a massage in Kuching City

There are so many massaging centres in Kuching City, that you might only be able to guess which is the best for you. Here, we...

Must Visit Places In Kuching, Sarawak

Kuching has a variety of wonderful places you must visit when you are in town.  The city which has a population of over half...

Popular places to eat seafood in Kuching City

While Kuching might not be close to the sea, but seafood in Kuching is comparatively cheap and equally fresh if compared to those available...
Borneo Medical Centre Kuching

Borneo Medical Centre Kuching

Borneo Medical Centre Kuching is an 80 bed, tertiary level private medical centre in the heart of Kuching City. It is equipped with the modern...

Historical places in Kuching / Kuching heritage trail

There are quite a number of historical places in Kuching which one can visit,  especially if one is interested to check out these places. In...

Kuching Urban Transportation System (KUTS) project

The Kuching Urban Transportation System (KUTS) is massive public transportation project undertaken by the Sarawak Government. The master plan wants to connect major locations in...
Riverside Majestic

Top 10 Best Shopping Malls In Kuching

Kuching is slowly becoming a shopping heaven with many shopping malls popping up. Due to the significant growth of shopping malls, and the fact...

The best Fried Crispy Tomato Mee in Kuching

Kuching has a lot of delicious food, and one of its very own signature dish is the ever popular Fried Crispy Tomato Mee. It is...

Kuching bicycle, motorcycle, and car rentals

Often there comes a need to rent transportation services.  Here we list down such services for the ease of our readers. BICYCLE RENTALS Bicycles are a...

10 Hotels in Kuching Near Historical Attractions

Kuching has a lot of historical buildings, but getting to them can be a problem if you do not have transportation. While you can scan...

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