Kuching events and happenings

Kuching events and happenings feature a good list of events in Kuching.

These list are carefully divided into groups as it becomes sort of ‘a complete guide to events and happenings in Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo’.

Aside from popular happenings found in Kuching, I’ve also listed local ones.

This is to ensure the smaller happenings aren’t left out.  The smaller events usually are equally exciting. Most events listed happen on a yearly basis.

This listing also includes insider tips of events I’ve been to as a local Kuching person.

I’ve inculded these tips to help first timers to a particular happening.  Every tip is updated according to the trends and changes of the events on a yearly basis.

I also allows listing of events for free for the benefit of my readers.

1Malaysia Bintulu Tanglung (Lantern) Carnival

A lantern carnival, known as the 1Malaysia Bintulu Tanglung (Lantern) Carnival 2015 will be held at Bintulu beginning this coming 23 September at 6.30pm. A...

Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival (KIMF)

The 18th Kuching Intercultural Mooncake Festival (KIMF) will take place from September 6 to 13. It will be held from 6.00 pm to 11pm along...

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