Kuching tours and excursions are appropriate for all kinds of visitors. Whether you’ve come to Kuching resolutely determined to relax in peace and absorb the sun’s rays or to experience everything Kuching has to offer, we’ve got something for you.

From trekking through beautiful rainforest of the Kubah National Park to charming sea turtle tours through the South China Sea to a gourmet tour of Kuching’s best cuisine, you can have the day out of a lifetime.

Check out the tours in Kuching and release the child within! Come out and play, meet other like-minded visitors and learn more about this fascinating tropical rainforest where the adventure reigns, and fun never ends, all at the same time.

Sarawak river cruise

Kuching City and Sarawak River Half Day Tour

Kuching City and Sarawak River Half Day Tour is perfect if you want to indulge in its kaleidoscopic heritage and settle in for a...
Kuching Bicycle Tour

Kuching Bicycle Tour

Zip around Kuching on this half day guided Kuching bicycle tour of the city. Combine history and culture at a leisurely pace as you...
Kuching Bike Food Tour

Kuching bike food tour

Experience the vibrant culinary scene of Sarawak in this four-hour Kuching bike food tour! Get the chance to cycle along the busy and charismatic streets...

Rainforest Kayaking Adventure

The Rainforest Kayaking Adventure allows you to have an exhilarating experience as you journey through the tropical jungles of Sarawak. This tour allows you to...

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