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Eating in Kuching

Eating in Kuching is a fun thing to do.  There’s no limit to what cuisine you wish to try because Kuching has one of the best culinary experience in Malaysia.

Western food in Kuching

Kuching has a large number of western food restaurants, with some earning high recommendations, even from westerner themselves. Here, we try to list down...

Restoran SK Nasi Kandar MetroCity Matang

Nasi Kandar taste like it was brought straight from Penang at Restoran SK Nasi Kandar MetroCity Kuching. Service at this restaurant is fast, and the...

Pork burger stalls in Kuching

I'm a huge fan of pork burger, and when given a choice, pork burgers are highly rated on my list especially if they are...

What to eat in Kuching, Where to eat in Kuching

What to eat in Kuching, Where to eat in Kuching, is my personal listing about food in Kuching as I hope this will help...

Kuching Hawker Culture: Types, location and what you need to know

Kuching Hawker Culture, or better known as food court culture in Kuching is similar to hawker culture in other parts of South East Asia,...

tHe Spring has the best food court, in a mall

There's plenty of food courts in malls around Kuching City, but none can compare with what The Spring Mall has to offer at its...

Aroma Cafe, Kuching

This little gem is located within walking distance from the Kuching City centre and takes pride to be one of the earlier establishments that...

Kota Sentosa Hawker Centre Kuching

The construction of the Kota Sentosa Hawker Centre was announced in December 2021. Not much information on the centre is known to date except it...

The House Café, Pending

The House Café is a small kopitiam located in Pending, which is quite hidden from the eye of many, including the locals. Based on...

Batu Lintang Food Court Kuching

The Batu Lintang Food Court, also known as Batu Lintang Hawker Centre, is popular both day and night. During the day, the place is popular...

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