Brooke’s Terrace is lovely Bed & Breakfast located at Jalan Abell, one of the most interesting and up-coming ‘trendy’ roads in Kuching.

Located on the first floor and above of a rather worn down looking building, Brooke’s offers serenity from all the hustle and bustle of the city despite being just at the road side.  Due to it being at the road side, food is easy to find, and there is a huge supermarket just around the corner.

My visit here in 2011 revealed a lovely and homely place to stay, and security was tight.  The place was also well maintained, and the reception was very helpful.

Beds were large and comfortable, and there is a huge LCD TV in the room I entered.

The great thing about Brooke’s Terrace is that it is so near the city centre of Kuching, that you can easily access most attractions by just walking.  In fact, of of Kuching’s best Laksa Sarawak stall (Chong Chun) is just apposite the place.

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