Attractions in Kuching come in both natural and man made attractions.  Mostly of these attractions are unique to this part of the world, and are said to be ‘in a class of its own’.

Aside from man made attractions and natural attractions, Kuching also is filled with fun activities that can keep you busy. Here’s some I’ve already tried and enjoyed.

Kuching Waterfront Jazz Festival 2018
Sarawakian born Jolynn Chin on stage

Kuching is also home to plenty of international and fun filled events.  To learn more about these events, check out events and happenings in Kuching.


Blogs and information about Kuching attractions

Sematan Kuching

Sematan Kuching

Siar Beach Lundu

Siar Beach, Lundu

Fort Sylvia, Kapit

News and updates about Kuching attractions

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