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Night Market For Kuching Waterfront?

BERNAMA reported that Kuching Waterfront might have a night market by year end to supposedly ‘spice up’ the city’s night life just like how Jonker Street spiced up Melaka. The night market is said to offer halal and non-halal dishes, handicraft and a promise of some cultural performances for tourist.

The Kuching Waterfront at its current state

While the idea of spicing up Kuching Waterfront looks beneficial for business owners and tourist, locals may wonder about how the change may affect their beloved waterfront.  Currently, the waterfront is among the most family oriented places in the city and is highly popular at night with parents and children strolling along the 1km long river front.

Do you favour a night market at the waterfront?  Any comments?

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  1. Kurang sesuai sebab ianya akan menyebabkan waterfront menjadi sibuk dan tidak bagus untuk bersantai

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