Borneo Medical Centre Kuching

Borneo Medical Centre Kuching

The Borneo Medical Centre is an upcoming private tertiary medical facility located at Jalan Tun Jugah, nearby the busy Simpang Tiga interchange, and just near the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) building.

Artist impression of the Borneo Medical Centre

The 100-bed facility will cater for the needs of locals and international patients as it will be equipped with the latest medical, surgical and diagnostic facilities.

It is not known when the facility is expected to be operational, but the new medical centre is expected to give current medical facilities owned by Normah, Timberland and KPJ Group a good run for money.


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  1. Tina Esther Anak Abah

    I’m graduate nurse from Segi College Sarawak. I want to apply nurse vacancy. Tq.


    I’m so interested to apply the vacancy of Nurse in this new hospital.I want to introduce myself, I am a graduated Nurse from I-Systems College Kuching Sarawak.TQ very much..

  3. Nur Fazilla Binti Jeli

    I’m graduate nurse from Asean Metropolitan University College Selangor. i wolud like to apply nurse job vacancy..tq

  4. i’m graduate nurse from windfield international college,i would like to apply nurse job vacancy…tq

  5. can you give me the address to send my resume.tq

  6. I have 3 years working exprience in nursing,I’m interested in applying for a SRN post.Do you have contact details for Borneo Medical Centre?

  7. I have 3 years working exprience in nursing,I’m interested in applying for a SRN post at BMC.Do you have contact details for Borneo Medical Centre?

  8. Hai….Do you have contact details for Borneo Medical Centre?

  9. i’m graduate from kolej ptpl in medical laboratory tecnologist.. i want to apply for position in your borneo medical centre?? can u give detail info??

  10. im graduate from sime darby nursing college…im interested for the position of post staff nurse at Borneo Medical Centre…

  11. i’m interested to apply borneo medical centre soon. Previously working at Private hospital about 2years+ and industrial Staff Nurse.. How to apply this position and can you give me the address?

  12. hai..i’m winda ..and i’m very interested for the position as a staff nurse at your hospital..i just graduated from Ita College and already had 1 year experienced working as a staff nurse..

  13. sandra anak tampi

    hai.. I am graduate from segi college.. I would to apply a nurse job vacancy.tq

  14. I’m graduate from I-systems Colleges Sarawak. I hope i can apply the medical assistant position as soon as possible. How to apply?

  15. hi admin of BMC..just wanna know when BMC will b fully operated? thanks for d info adnim

  16. any vacancy for radiographer in the medical centre stated?

  17. norhayati bt hj abas

    Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera. i’m graduate nurse from ITA KOLEJ SIBU. i would like to apply nurse job vacancy. Tq.

  18. hai…i’m graduate from masterskill global college in diploma in healthcare.i’m interested to apply borneo medical centre soon in healthcare to apply thiis position?can you give me the address?thank q.

  19. Hello. Does this hospital have a lab? Im from segi college and will be graduating soon in medical laboratory technologist. Im interested in the post if there’s vacancy.

  20. i’m graduate Medical assistant from I-Systems College Kuching Sarawak. i would like to apply Medical Assistant vacancy. tq.

  21. any job for technician in borneo madical centre?

  22. hi,i would like to apply any post at your medical- centre such as admin clerk,or any post at your at counter dept.previously,working to private hospital.tq

  23. chin fah moi, feliscia

    Hello,i would like to apply for the post of assistant radiograper or clinic assistant or nursing assitant at your medical centre.i have experience for the above post for 17years with kuching specialist x-ray and radiologist centre

    can i have the full address of the hospital. tq.very much. bye. hear fr yrs side soon.

  24. hye,,,im a fresh graduate from KPJ Healthcare University…i would like to apply job on Physiotherapist vacancy..TQ

  25. hi,im very intrested to apply vacancy for the driver at BMC? pls reply.tks

  26. nazarriza zainuddin

    hii.i would like to apply any job at ur medical centre.any post such as admin,any post at your counter..can u give me an adresss tq..

  27. I would like to apply a job in BMC..I just graduated from Masterskill Global College in diploma in healthcare…

  28. hi i would like to apply any job at BMC such as admin clerk.

  29. Hi Borneo Medicical Centre, I saw a post for the position of a dietician. I am wondering if it has been filled or if its still available. Who can I contact to find out more? I am a US graduate with more than 7 years experience in the field. Appreciate some information. Thanks.

  30. i would like to appy vacancy for storekeeper cum drver….im staff from timberland medical centre, want to get more experience and salary……..please thanks

  31. Hello,i would like to apply any post such as admin at your medical centre.please reply.TQ..

  32. i would like to apply medical assisstant job in bmc..i just graduated from i systems colleges kuching in diploma in medical assistant..

  33. any Locum post @ A/E.

  34. want to know d address,cosz want to sent my resume..tq..

  35. Hi,my name is clare.i would like to apply medical laboratory technologist.can anyone suggest me where can submit my resume.tq


  36. debra anak jusep

    im staff nurse from kpj sibu…would like to ask any vacancy for endoscopy ? tq

  37. stella unggang

    i want to know the address and want to send my resume. want to aplly medical laboratory job.

  38. i would like to apply clinic assistant or any job vacancy at borneo medical centre.i have an experience in this job in 3 years.i hope borneo medical centre can give me a chance to work at borneo medical centre.tq…

  39. Halo there,I have 3 years experience at Administration and clerical works and Im so interested for any administration vacanct at BMC. Where can i send may resume to,if email pls send me BMC email and any official website of BMC.TQ.

  40. i am fresh graduate diploma in physiotherapy from Masterskill college . I would like to apply physiotherapy vacancy . TQ

  41. i would like to apply for either chemist, biologist or microbiologist or even laboratory technician,i study advanced diploma cum bachelor degree in chemistry and biology. i hope i have the chance to work with you. thank you.

  42. hello, i had submitted my resume to your department and i curious if you already receive it. TQ

  43. i would like to apply for medical laboratory technology.please send me hospital address and i can send a resume..TQ.

  44. Is there a position for Microbiologist?
    Bsc. Microbiology, UPM

  45. I’m a biomedical science graduates…i want to apply a job of a laboratory personel at your medical to apply…really no 0138128664

  46. Who to send my resume to and the address..

  47. i’m farid i want to know about borneo medical centre and i just waitting for graduate in diploma medical lab technology.I’m from i system kuching sarawak.

  48. i would like to apply staff nurse at BMC,i graduat from i system college in dilpoma in nursing..tq

  49. hello, freshly graduated from asia metropolitan university, proudly, want to apply a staff nurse position in this new hospital. how can I apply nurses job from this hospital. Tq.

  50. I would like to apply for electrical tech. 11 years experience domestic, industries and trouble shooting. Kindly email

  51. Assalamualaikum and good morning..i would like to apply for the post of SN at your hospital..i already submitted my resume and i want to know when can i be call for the interview? Tq for your time.

  52. Rachel Orlin Anak Dominic Kasim

    i would like to apply laboratory technician, i had taken diploma in Medical laboratory techician. Dose this job still available for now?

  53. Iam a fresh graduate at Aseana International College Sabah..i want to apply a vacancy from this medical centre.

  54. hi,any vacancy for admin side ?

  55. rainis jamal @ damal

    I’m graduate from Masterskill university college in diploma in healthcare ..

  56. khairin maey catherine

    hi, i’m a nurse from unimas. is there any locum in icu?

  57. i’m Suzana i want to know about borneo medical centre and i just graduate in diploma Healthcare Management.I’m from Masterskill university college..i would like to apply for the post of Admin Assistant or any post such as admin..tq..

  58. hi.. i would to apply for SRN job.. im have 5 years working experince as a Assistant Nurse in Hosp. Fatimah,Ipoh.. Now i finishing my RN course n waiting to sitting for my Nursing Board exam which will held on dec 4th.. Hopefully to hear from u asap. thank u.

  59. Assalamualaikum….and good morning…

    i m graduate from ita college sibu,i m interested in applying for a SRN post at bmc.Perviously working at autozen medi ozone theraphy kuching.
    i had submitted my resume to your department and i curious if you already receive it.TQ

  60. Mohd Zulhairee Bin Ahmad Zam

    i would like to apply radiographer / senior radiographer / Asst. manager / Manager in Borneo Medical Center. i been working 9 yrs experience. if would like to employee me can contact 017575315 tq

  61. Hai…I already send my resume by email a month ago but no answer yet.tq

  62. is there any vacancy for ambulans driver at the BMC.. how can I submit my resume ? t1

  63. merry hazlean del rio

    I am student at Segi College Kuala Lumpur. I have complete nine semester (3 years) of my study in Diploma in Nursing. Now I’m looking for a place for my job. May i have ur email address so i can enclose my resume. u can email me at mhazlean@******.com

  64. hi admin. i already sent my resume via poslaju but no answer yet.tq

  65. hw to apply nursing job at BMC??is it online or direct too human resourse there??

  66. Hye..i’m working at KPJ Sibu Specialist Medical Centre for few years as a SRN..i’m interested in applying for a SRN post at BMC..Tq.

  67. im trashes nurse from Lincoln university college.I want to apply assistant nurse/nursed vacancy.tq.

  68. any vacancy for medical lab in the medical centre stated??????

  69. Got any admin jobs vacancy? Thanks!

  70. Hello,
    I’m Sudeh anak Adong fresh graduate from Masterskill Global Collage in Diploma in Physiotherapy. I would like to apply for physiotherapy position.
    Hope hear good news from you soon.
    Thank you.

  71. hai, i’m a fresh graduate from i-systems college, i would like to apply for a post medical laboratory technology, how can i apply?

  72. supiate unjung lenggang

    i’m graduate nurse from i-systems college,miri.i would like to apply nurse job vacancy…thanks.

  73. i grad frm ASIA METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY… dh berapa kali dah x ingat kali ke 100 kot,i hantar my resume kat BMC hospital but till now xde responds and maklum balas.. sedih gak lar.. dah putus asa dh.. member pun dah bnyak kje kat BMC kuching… i hantar resume xkan xda yg sangkut kot… urmmm hampeh… :(

  74. hai……………i’m chan jye hui, i graduated from Lincoln University College at Kuala Lumpur ,in Diploma of Pharmacy, i would like to apply for Pharmacy Assistant position, and i been working training trial for 3 month at hospital, if would like to employee me can contact 0166998802, thank you……..

  75. hi, im codelia.

    can i have the hospital email or address for submission of my application letter and resume?

    any hr or admin post available?


    hai…i’m Caroline Tani…can i apply job in admin position?? i really need a job..tq

  77. viji,ex kolej sains kesihatan bersekutu kuching sarawak..used to work at orthopedic department at s.g.h for one year..and eye clinic and eye o.t for about 8 months at s.g.h… quit frm goverment sector to search for better experience in the private sector..looking forward for your reply..thanx..

  78. Nataniel ak Mathaies

    hyee..i’m Ntaaniel ak Mathaies..i grad from MASTERSKILL,CHERAS selangor..DIPloma in medical imaging..
    i have experience 1 years at general radiaography,mri and ct scan..this my nmber..0193213792

  79. joyce anak tinyem

    Hello….my name is joyce ak tinyem i’m a fresh graduate from i-systems college,I already send my resume via poslaju a month ago,I been working 1 years experience at wong family clinic as clinic assistant, this is my no 0135706407.I hope I have chance to work at BMC.tq.

  80. I’m fresh graduate nurse from Segi College Sarawak. I would like to apply nurse vacancy at BMC.

  81. jenny anak alek


  82. polla anak amin polla anak amin..saya da graduate nurse dari kolej segi kl bln dec 2014.. skarg sy kja kt klinik d kajang, nk eply utk nurse d hsptal ni..bole bg email hsptl ni x untuk send resume sy..?ni no sy 01129183043..tq..

  83. norfazilah binti sabtu

    hi, i am fresh graduate from CITY UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PETALING JAYA ,SELANGOR on 2013 . I would like to apply nurse vacancy at BMC. You can contact my number 0138942176. tq.

  84. Norziah binti Abudihi

    Hi, im graduate in medical lab technology from masterskill univercity collage and interested to joint Borneo Medical Centre…im really looking forward to meeting you…please give chance in applying this position…you may contact me in 0198068186

  85. Hi there, good morning, i want to know, do you accept walk in interview?TQ

  86. Hi,. Im selvester rony.
    Im fresh graduate in diploma In microbiology and i looking a vacancy.tq. Pls contact me by email.

  87. I’m fresh graduate Diploma in nursing from Segi college sarawak. I would like to apply nurse job vacancy at BMC…thank you

  88. Hi, i am fresh graduate in diploma medical lab technology from segi university.. i would like to apply medical lab vacancy.. you may contact me 0192991827

  89. Hi, I am graduate from Masterskill College Kota Kinabalu in Diploma In Nursing. I would like to apply staff nurse vacancy from your hospital. thank you. Please give chance in applying this position…you may contact me in

  90. celina dion anak jeswel

    i’m healthcare management student from windfield international college.can i ask to practical here on the end of june 2015..?? may contact me, or 0105910567 ..tq ..

  91. Hi, i am fresh graduate in diploma occupational therapy from masterskill university college of health sciences,cheras selangor….i would like to apply occupational therapy may contact me from email address above…tq.

  92. any vacancies in lab

  93. Im graduated from ITA College Sibu.previously working in clinic.I want to apply nurse position. Tq.

  94. glorina suling anak kueh

    hi…is there is any vacancy for assistant nurse in BMC? currently im working at Damai Services Hospital in KL (gynaecology department). my contract is finishing end of this year. I would like to apply for an assistant nurse in your hospital. Do contact me .. looking forward for your reply, TQ.

  95. hello,,i am fresh graduate of diploma in nursing from I-Systems college kuching sarawak,,,i wouid like to apply nursing job at borneo medical centre as soon as possible… please reply or contact me hope you reply thank you

  96. Hi. I’m graduate nurse from Management and Science University, shah alam. I would like to apply for nurse vacancy. Tq.

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